Legends of Elysium

The World’s First Fusion of TCG & Board Game.


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27 Mar, 2024

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March 2024

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5 Days

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Legends of Elysium is a Free-To-Play fusion of Trading Card & Board Game set.

At Legends of Elysium we've mastered the art of seamless onboarding by integrating familiar web2 features - picture Google login, card payments, and other user-friendly methods from the traditional gaming world. We're making gaming an effortless joyride for everyone onboard so players won’t even know they are playing a blockchain game! Backed by gaming industry titans, with experience from titles such as Witcher 3, Diablo, Clash II, Magic Nations. Legends of Elysium is going to onboard the first billion of players to the blockchain world. Join us in reshaping the future of gaming!

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