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A free-to-play FPS shooter where players will take part in PVP, raids & more.


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08 Feb, 2024

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Q1 2024

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Exverse is a new AI-powered free-to-play shooter that provides players with an unmatched and immersive gaming experience.

Exverse is designed with the community at its core and self-governance as its goal. The Exverse team will be responsible for developing and distributing initial world assets but eventually, the community will dictate and create new worlds in which users will be able to participate with their self-created assets in the ecosystem. The team will be responsible for developing the functionalities that enable Exverse to sustain its own ecosystem and provide more creative opportunities for its users. Assets in the Exverse universe are NFTs designed to allow the creation of new gaming experiences. To build the world & community of Exverse, we have created the $EXVG token. Community members & supporters who hold the tokens will have more access and will be able to shape the future of Exverse.

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